Friday, September 24, 2010

Requirements to be a Video editor

What does it take to be a video editor? The path can be quite expensive , software , hardware and maybe even some classes.

Don't get discouraged though , You can learn tons of stuff out on the web , websites like youtube and google are great resources for knowledge.

Also some alternative ways which I will not mention will save you a lot of money instead of having to buy a software (TPB wink wink) ...........................

Unfortunately you will have to spend some money on your hardware if your computer is really outdated by this I mean ... A better GPU , CPU , RAM and possibly a dual monitor (Not needed but its way more comfortable while doing work)

Anyway , here are some programs that you may need to be on your way to CGI and Video editing.

  • Sony vegas - Intermediate
  • After effects - Hard
  • Cinema 4D - Intermediate / hard ( modeling)
  • 3D MAX - Hard
  • Phothoshop ( If you want to create on-the-side kind of things like graphics


  1. I've always wanted to get into it, but have never been willing to spend the $$$

  2. yah its expensive which is a downer but its great

  3. I work with a guy who thinks he's a video editor. THINKS he's a video editor.

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  5. I can barely edit a picture let alone a video. XD

    I'll keep this blog in mind though if I somehow get better.

  6. Dude its not easy becomming a video editor, its really hard!

  7. Nice blog mate, checkout mine :-)

  8. First thing that popped into my head was CROSSFIRE! I have no idea why lol

  9. Man, I like your info. It's definitely interesting. I prefer Vegas Movie Studios myself :)

  10. I got Vegas the other day. Looking forward to doing some stuff with it. Nice post bro.

  11. I'm a Sony Vegas man, myself. Went through a few crappy editors before I got to it. I'm starting to post my videos to my blog.

  12. 3d max is great, but i prefer sony vegas.
    nice blog!

  13. Good info! Looking forward to more posts