Monday, November 1, 2010

whats up :) , Im back and stuff will be bloggin more :D ..

Help me out if u know what I mean.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Magic bullet looks

Magic bullet looks , its a software provided by Red Giant that allows you to amazingly enhance the color of your footage.

If you like to edit you will note a big difference which subsequently helps to you express the mood of your film.

Magic bullet can be purchased here.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sony vegas preview lag

So does anybody hate when you are editing in Sony Vegas and suddenly when you try to preview something it slows down to a point where it is unbearable and you can't really see what you have done so far.

There aren't many ways to get around this , I myself only know about 2.

  • Get better hardware (GPU , CPU and RAM)
  • Ram preview.
Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done about this problem , In case you are wondering how to ram preview in sony vegas it is really easy.

Simply highlight the part of the clip you want to view in REAL TIME and press SHIFT + B it will take a couple of seconds to go over it but once it does you click on play again and it will play that portion of the clip.

This wasn't much of a post but felt like sharing anyways

Friday, September 24, 2010

Requirements to be a Video editor

What does it take to be a video editor? The path can be quite expensive , software , hardware and maybe even some classes.

Don't get discouraged though , You can learn tons of stuff out on the web , websites like youtube and google are great resources for knowledge.

Also some alternative ways which I will not mention will save you a lot of money instead of having to buy a software (TPB wink wink) ...........................

Unfortunately you will have to spend some money on your hardware if your computer is really outdated by this I mean ... A better GPU , CPU , RAM and possibly a dual monitor (Not needed but its way more comfortable while doing work)

Anyway , here are some programs that you may need to be on your way to CGI and Video editing.

  • Sony vegas - Intermediate
  • After effects - Hard
  • Cinema 4D - Intermediate / hard ( modeling)
  • 3D MAX - Hard
  • Phothoshop ( If you want to create on-the-side kind of things like graphics

How to organize your footage while video editing.

Now , many people know how frustrating while editing when you have files named "qwoewqe.avi" or "xadajdajadj.avi" ... It is virtually impossible to find what you are looking for , so here are some tips on how to make your job easier and more enjoyable along the way.

  • Name your footage for example "3v1 clutch"
  • Name your demos or replays as well.
  • Delete any footage that you don't need anymore
  • Save your project along the way , wouldn't want your pc to crash and leave in the air.
  • Close all programs except for your editing software that means (MSN , IE , FF , Chrome)
Now I know that you want to get it over with and you just type random names out for your files "wasasdsa" may be a suitable name for the spot but believe me it will be hard trying to locate that piece of footage later on in the project , so I highly suggest that you take 2 seconds to type out a relevant name or expend 5 minutes looking for the clip.

Thank you for reading.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soldier front - Quick clip SemaDrummer 1v4 clutch

Here is some of my work , I will definitely keep on adding to my YT channel and try to raise my subscriptions.

In the near future I may move on to edit other game such as COD and CSS.

1st post

Hello there , I'm the owner of graphical motion and we normally head towards video editing. In this blog I Will be posting some sony vegas tutorial written and maybe videos.

I started editing 2 and a half years ago , nothing serious until I started where I mostly edit footage from a game called soldier front.

Soldier front is a free FPS game created in KOREA but its hosted in several countries such as USA ( , Philippines , Vietnam , Japan and Taiwan.

I not only use Sony vegas 9.0 but I have recently started learning Cinema 4D and After effects.